Basic bio: When I was five, my family left me at a carnival. By the time they came back for me, it was too late. I haven't been fit for decent society since.

Other Crap:
Name: Fawndolyn, or Fawn. Some people call me Fawndo.

Age: Born in October of 81. There, now I don't have to come back here every year to change my age.

Location: Rochester NY

Occupation: tech support for college students, web designer for artists, entrepreneur, booze peddler, and occassional SFX artist, DP, VO, and film extra.

Language: English, and a some French (with slight reading ability in Japanese)

Self-Identity: *deep breath* cis-female, asexual, pan-alterous (chew on that mouthful!), or just Queer for short.

Hobbies: violin, SFX makeup, urban exploration, ice skating, aerial arts, knitting, writing, sculpting, jewelry, woodwork, crafting, sewing, watching tv and movies.

Top 5 favourite books: Lord of the Flies, 1984, Lolita, Ender's Game, Wigfield

Top 5 favourite films: Heavenly Creatures, The Dead Inside, An American Haunting, Tomorrow When the War Began, The Hot Chick

Top 5 favourite (current) shows: Venture Bros, Archer, Rick & Morty, Steven Universe, Bob's Burgers (yup, all animated).

Top 5 favourite bands: Voltaire, Dionysos, Emilie Autumn, The Mountain Goats, Bella Morte

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