A Voice in the Dark.
I'd been sitting on the idea of turning one of the missions from Zombies Run! into a comic for a long time now, specifically this story, "A Voice in the Dark," which is my favourite. In the title block, I've credited Six To Start, Naomi Alderman (the chief writer for the app's stories), and myself as the artist (Runner Five's dialog is also my own). Check out the app. It made me love running.

A Sad Tale.
This is a final project for my comics class. A five-page (minimum of 35 panels) sad story with an external influence (my external influence is Juan Santapau of The Secret Knots). Since I used a very minimal colour palate for each page, I had to make sure the colours came across as important. They were picked carefully for the mood of each page, as were the loose and tight linework throughout and other details. Mind the typo!

MCC Anthologies.
These are several submissions to my college's comic anthology publication, issued each semester. My very first submission was for the Fall 2011 family-friendly, "Zombie" themed cover. The theme for Fall 2012 was "Urban Legends." Spring of 2013's theme was "Historical Figures with Super Powers." And Fall 2013's theme was "Nightmares."

Sci-Fi Pub.
This is my first comic ever, which I made in lieu of a final paper for Sci-Fi Lit class many years ago. I was under a strict deadline, and I had to turn it in unfinished when my computer crapped out on me, but with the 'apology' sheet in the pages. I'll eventually finish it, but my digital style has changed drastically, so I'll probably end up either re-drawing the whole thing from my originals, or re-scanning and re-shading all of them.
I incorporated the following books we read in the class: Frankenstein, War of the Worlds, Starship Troopers, Neuromancer, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Feed, and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

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